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Klaus Nick Blaser

Dr. med. Founder and director of the center, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic activity in his own practice, researcher in consciousness sciences, seminar leader and author of several books and articles on the topics of self-boundaries and attention.


Thilo Hinterberger

Prof. Dr. Dipl. Phys., Dr. rer. nat., is Professor of Applied Consciousness Sciences in Psychosomatic Medicine at the University Hospital Regensburg. He studied physics at the University of Ulm and received his doctorate in medical psychology from the University of Tübingen. His research activities include numerous projects on topics such as brain-computer communication, neurofeedback, as well as the neuropsychology of altered states of consciousness, such as meditation, coma, extrasensory perception, or hypnosis.


Jacqueline Buchli-Kammermann

Dr. phil., specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP, research assistant. Cumulative dissertation in the field of screening and early detection of 2 disorders (schizophrenic psychosis and ADHD in adulthood), as well as collaborator in a research project on therapy evaluation at the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel. Psychotherapeutic activity in own practice in Basel. In the psychotherapeutic activity, mindfulness, “value-free” perception of thoughts / feelings and actions are included. Therapy focus is often also learning to perceive one's own limits / needs and to be able to redesign life along these different areas.


Daniel von Orelli

Graduate body therapist in his own practice in Basel and supervisor in somatic-experience. With mindfulness, curiosity and biological wisdom of the body, heal boundaries and find new ways.

Michaela Jordi

Michaela Jordi

Certified non-medical therapist for psychotherapy, EMDR, Polarity and Somatic Experience, graduated in communication design (UdK Berlin), works as trainer, systemic mediator and conflict management. She works in Berlin and Basel. Her psychotherapeutic work focuses on a systemic approach, humanistic methods, as well as body-oriented trauma work. She works as a coach and consultant and leads training courses in the areas of stress and resilience, change processes, conflict management and high-sensitivity. In her various fields of work, boundary-awareness is often used as a guiding principle.