Spiritual therapy can be understood as the integration of the greater and the superordinate into psychotherapeutic treatment. A connection is made between new perspectives and the previous perception of one’s own life and everyday life.

The expanded way of looking at things makes new biographical and interpersonal associations possible.

Old patterns of thinking and feeling can be put into perspective and take on a new place in one’s own life story.

Film: Radjani Edel, music: Big Sky by Hans Zimmer

Spirituality is dependent on experience, it is not a mental construct.
With the vertical 3-dimensional boundary visualisation, the participant
can physically experience the change of perspective with a wooden


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see also:

Sohst, S., Blaser, K., & Hinterberger, T. (2023). Altered states of consciousness induced in online three-dimensional self-boundary visualization sessions (see article)

The Centre for Applied Boundary Studies offers further training in this spiritual form of therapy for professionals (see here).


Klaus Blaser has attempted to depict the vertical journey of attention, the taking of perspective from above, in a novella. It has become a book about the love for life.



Die alte Katze und der Himmel, mit Illustrationen von Rudolf Blaser. IL-Verlag, Basel (2022).