We all have an inner picture of our own demarcation from the outside world, which we are mostly not aware of. With sticks and figures we can visualize this unconscious image and make it visible in three dimensions (see illustration).

In this picture we can see how we are “in-the-world” and how open or closed we are to the environment. With this spatial representation (3-DGV) it is possible to make old and younger interpersonal dynamics visible. In this way, behavioral patterns can be made recognizable and modified. A representation optimized for the current living conditions can have a strong positive effect.

You can watch a short dutch film about the 3-dimensional boundary visualization with german subtitles here.

This new therapeutic approach can be learned at our center in Basel in our further training. To continuing education

You can find a good introduction to this work in the german book “In mir und um mich um”, Synergia-Verlag 2014. Read the sample