I am like I am – and you are the way you are.  Setting boundaries mindfully in partnership, family and work

So bin ich- und du bist anders. Achtsam Grenzen setzen in Partnerschaft, Familie und Beruf,

Klett-Cotta Verlag

Most of the time we react to our fellow human beings without being aware of what is happening in the exchange. Misunderstandings and boundary crossings are inevitably part of this unreflected form of communication, which often leaves us disappointed and confused. The book helps to better understand the relationship dynamics between partners, children and parents, family members, friends or colleagues at the moment of encounter. When we consciously change our own reactions, this also leads to changed feelings and interactions in the other person. The key is to learn to perceive and respect one’s own boundaries and the boundaries of others. The many precise, easy-to-follow examples show how this can be done. We can enjoy encounters when we are mindful of our own space and the space of the other person.


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From letting go and ascending. A spiritual form of therapy

Vom Loslassen und Aufsteigen, eine spirituelle Therapieform

Schattauer verlag 

This book introduces a new method of therapy that can make spiritual questions visible in a simple and clear way. Nine exemplary sessions show how working with a wooden figure and building blocks can promote spiritual experience. In the process, the previously therapeutically largely unused space “above” and “below” is included. This vertical level makes it possible to perceive one’s own psychic inner world with the associated self-boundary and the environment directly surrounding it from a new perspective.


Permeable and dysfunctional self-boundaries can lead to psychological problems and disorders. If children are allowed to grow up to be wise gardeners of their mental inner world, they can be spared much suffering and given joy in life. The three-dimensional boundary visualisation (3-DBV) presented here catches up with this in adults. Decisive biographical moments can be traced and healing processes can be set in motion on a spiritual level.


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